Orange Skyline’s rapid ascend in the Dutch industry is one out of the books. Performing over 40 festivals in one year such as Concert at Sea and Eurosonic/Noorderslag. Supporting Kensington at sold out Ziggo Dome shows. Having high rotation on 3FM radio, De Wereld Draait Door and being nominated for an Edison award is all quite an achievement if you know that this was done before releasing a debut album. First single ‘Sound & Fury’ is a good tastemaker of what debut album ‘Things That I Hide’ has to offer. It’s been going on hit rotation in both Dutch and Belgian radio stations paving the way to more success for the quartet.

“Out of the newest generation of Dutch bands, Orange Skyline belongs to the ones with the biggest promise on grand success” – Algemeen Dagblad (★★★★☆)

“The big debut of the Dutch indie-rockers is excellent” – Metro Belgique (★★★★☆)

“A record full of catchy songs, that you need to see live” – PlatoMania (8/10)

Full Biography:

After an Oasis concert in Amsterdam brothers Stefan (vocals) and Niels van der Wielen (guitar) decide with their friend Mart Atema (drums) to start a band of their own. Stefan: ’The impact of the show was so overwhelming. Oasis had such a powerful performance and at the same time the members of the band looked like your average neighbour. We wanted to be that cool band too.”

Complemented by long time friend Simon Christiaanse (bass) the four had plenty of ambition. They only lacked in the ability to play any musical instruments. Tutorials on YouTube ensured the fundamentals of song writing and playing musical instruments. It quickly transforms into a local name on the rise. First on small stages and rapidly working their way up to supporting Kaiser Chiefs and opening main stages for local festivals.

When Orange Skyline releases their 2015 single ‘I Don’t Mind’ during the Eurosonic/Noorderslag festival the pace kicks in. The combination of catchy but edgy songs and their constant drive to outdo themselves make sure that Orange Skyline find their way to festivals such as Concert at Sea and Parkpop. Topping their 2015 tourdates is the support for two sold out Ziggo Dome shows of Kensington. All in all Orange Skyline performs over 40 festivals in the Netherlands alone, make tours supported by national radiostation 3FM and get nominated for an Edison award, category ‘Best Rock 2016’.

All of that before the release of their debutalbum ‘Things That I Hide’.

With their first singles and mini-album ‘An Introduction’ Orange Skyline show themselves as a typical guitar driven band: influenced by artists as The Kinks, Oasis, The Libertines and Arctic Monkeys. Debutalbum ‘Things That I Hide’, however, sparks colour into that sound. In particular because the band gives more room to electronic influences. ‘It is actually a logic effect of our own exposure to other genres of music’, says Stefan van der Wielen. ‘We also have been listening to more beat-driven songs by artist such as Daft Punk, Drake and Kanye West.’

Having this beat-driven idea into their songs, Orange Skyline found the ideal producer in Kraak & Smaak’s Oscar de Jong. Niels van der Wielen gets to know Oscar during a guest lecture at his conservatory in which he is assigned to compose a topline for the producer. That collaboration turns to be such a good collaboration that the two decide to work together for ‘Things That I Hide’.

Niels: ‘We wanted to take another direction and he really wanted to work with us in that. It was the best fit we could imagine, because we love the beats from Kraak & Smaak’. Oscar: ‘Everything fits. From the get-go there was a good click between both parties and the demo’s sounded amazing. Plenty of reason to plunge ourselves into almost half a year of writing, producing and recording. The result is so special and by all means a good result.’

And a good result indeed. The first single of the new album ‘Sound & Fury’ immediately gets picked up by national radio station 3FM and within a week is announced as 3FM Megahit. The song hits local viral charts and the band gets announced for the Eurosonic/Noorderslag 2017 festival.


Niels van der Wielen

guitar – vocals



Mart Atema




Stefan van der Wielen

vocals – guitar



Simon Christiaanse